Guatemalan Artist
Artist Statement

Herssonoe's work presents itself as a visual narrative that immerses the viewer in a world of harmonious and organic compositions. These compositions arise through metaphors that delve into the analysis and exploration of natural life and shared experience, where the human being emerges as a pollinator of virtues, acting as a counterpoint to the unconsciousness of modern life.

Herssonoe was born in the city of Guatemala in 1988 and graduated with honors with a degree in Graphic Design from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. From an early age, he demonstrated a deep interest in art, particularly in drawing and music. For several years, he practiced his profession as a Graphic Designer while simultaneously developing his artistic career, creating various works in different formats and techniques. This journey led him to establish connections with both national and international galleries, where his work is currently on display.
Recent Artistic Engagements

MAC Auction - Museum of Contemporary Art Panama - 2022
Sumarte Auction - Museum of Art of El Salvador - 2022
Sumarte Auction - Museum of Art of El Salvador - 2021
Arte en Mayo Festival - Rozas-Botrán - Guatemala - 2020
Solo Exhibition - Miraflores Museum - 2018
Art Galleries
El Túnel Gallery - Guatemala City
Habitante Gallery - Panama City
Aruma Gallery - Guatemala City
1 2 3 Gallery - San Salvador